Medical Device Leader Series: Top Needle-Free Injection Device Developers, Manufacturers and Marketers in 2016


◆タイトル:Medical Device Leader Series: Top Needle-Free Injection Device Developers, Manufacturers and Marketers in 2016
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Needle-Free Drug Injecting Technologies – Discover Leading Companies’ Products, Developments, Results and PotentialsWhat does the future hold for producers of needle-free injection (NFI) products? Visiongain’s updated, expanded report shows you data to 2026 for that industry and market. There you find analysis, trends, opportunities, prospects and revenue forecasting. Don’t miss out.

Our new study analyses 28 leading developers and producers of those medical devices. NFI drug delivery holds great potential from 2016 for the therapeutic and commercial advancement of biologics and vaccines. Discover what that progress means and how you can benefit your work and influence.

So read on, please, to scan that industry’s leading participants and see what its future market could be worth.

Results and forecasting to help you stay ahead in knowledge on those medical injectors
With our study you examine the industry for needleless injection and needle-free syringes – insulin injectors and other systems. Explore that industry’s progress. See the potential for novel and improved subcutaneous, intradermal, intramuscular and intravenous drug delivery.

That market advances fast. In our report you assess product ranges, historical data, R&D, sales prediction and financial results. There you gain quantitative and qualitative analyses. In our 173 page report you find 74 tables, 9 charts and an interview with a prominent company.

NFI technology – discover how to benefit your work, also finding where the money lies
In our analysis you see how developers overcome problems with parenteral drug application, especially benefiting the use of biological drugs. You also discover potential revenues.

The following sections explain how our new investigation can benefit your work.

Companies based in North America – what are their outlooks?
First our study gives you financial data and discussions for prominent North American NFI developers and manufacturers:
• Antares Pharma
• Bioject Medical Technologies
• Activa Brand Products
• D’Antonio Consultants International
• National Medical Products
• Medical International Technologies
• Penjet Corporation
• PharmaJet
• Valeritas
• 3M
• Zogenix
• Mylan
• Becton, Dickinson and Company
• Portal Instruments.

Discover what the present and future hold for leading companies. Also see revenue predictions to 2026 for the overall world industry for needle-free injection devices.

Also hear about developments and prospects of firms in other countries.

Europe – outlooks for leading developers and producers of medical injection technology
Next our report analyses European-based specialists in that drug delivery:
• Akra Dermojet
• Crossject Medical Technology
• Glide Pharma
• Merck KGaA
• Spirit Healthcare
• AstraZeneca.

Many commercial opportunities exist, with expanding revenues possible from 2016 to 2026. Explore companies well placed to succeed. That way you see how organisations gain advantages, develop technologies and increase revenues.

Companies in other regions – developed and developing countries’ technologies
How do companies in India, China, South Korea, Singapore, Israel and Australia contribute? Our report shows activities, results and outlooks of these organisations:
• Injex Pharma AG
• Romsons Scientific & Surgical
• Binny’s Health Care
• Mika Medical Co.
• JMS Singapore
• B. Braun Singapore
• NanoPass Technology
• Vaxxas.

With our survey you discover progress, potentials and R&D across the world, assessing what is possible from 2016. Stay ahead in knowledge to help your work.

Events and forces affecting developers, producers and sellers of NFI technologies
Our study explains issues affecting that industry and market from 2016, including these influences:
• Jet injector devices, transdermal patches, microneedles, pen injectors and other systems
• Applications – pain management, vaccine delivery, treating diabetes, paediatric medicine and other uses, including self-administration and home-based therapy
• Regulations affecting that medical equipment industry – challenges and opportunities
• Solid formulations and other issues, innovations and developments
• Deals, collaborations and other changes affecting those technology providers.

There you explore political, economic, social and technological questions, investigating outlooks for business. Examine what stimulates and restrains that industry and market.

Our study forecasts that overall worldwide sales of needle-free injection devices will reach $1.98 billion in 2020, with strong sales growth to 2026. With that analysis you explore how those companies, progress, compete and succeed. Avoid missing out on data.

You also read opinions from a company we interviewed. See what that industry’s present and future hold, assessing opportunities for companies to contribute, expand and benefit.

Six main ways Top Needle-Free Injection Device Developers, Manufacturers and Marketers in 2016 helps your work
Our report gives the following knowledge to benefit your research, analyses, plans, decisions and presentations:
• Analysis of 28 companies’ needle-free injection products and technologies
• Investigation of firms’ research and development
• Coverage of organisations’ strengths, weaknesses, activities, outlooks and prospects
• Revenue forecasting and discussions for that industry from 2016 to 2026
• Comments from the CEO of a leading company, revealing insight in our interview
• Assessment – SWOT and STEP analyses – of the needle-free injection devices market, appraising that industry’s present and future.

That investigation, by visiongain’s in-house team in the UK, has the purpose of helping everyone interested in the future of needle-free injections and related drugs, instruments, containers and accessories. Discover analysis leading organisations depend on.

Analysis found nowhere else – explore the future of that medical device technology
With our research and analysis you are less likely to fall behind in knowledge or miss opportunity. There see how you could save time and effort. That way you could benefit your plans, decisions and presentations, helping you gain advantages and recognition.

Trying our study now lets you discover the latest progress and opportunities
Our new research is for everyone analysing drug delivery and pharmaceutical R&D. For leading companies and technologies you explore trends, progress and opportunities. So avoid missing out – please get our new report here now.


1. Report Overview
1.1 Overview of the Top Needle-Free Injection Device Manufacturers
1.2 Why You Should Read This Report
1.3 How This Report Delivers Research and Analysis
1.4 Main Questions Answered by This Analytical Study
1.5 Who is This Report For?
1.6 Methodology
1.7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1.8 Associated Visiongain Reports
1.9 About Visiongain

2. Introduction to Needle-Free Injection
2.1 What is Needle-Free Drug Delivery?
2.1.1 History of Needle-Free Injections: From Military to Clinic
2.1.2 Modern Needle-Free Devices: Concept of High Pressure Fluid Jet
2.2 What is the Rationale for Needle-Free Injections?
2.3 Applications of Needle-Free Drug Delivery
2.3.1 Pain Management: Using NFI Devices to Administer Lidocaine
2.3.2 Vaccine Delivery: Improving Immune Response
2.3.3 Insulin Delivery: Jet Injection Enhances Drug Distribution
2.3.4 Paediatrics: Alleviating Childhood Anxiety and Phobia
2.4 Regulation of Needle-Free Delivery Devices
2.4.1 The US Regulation System: Prolonged Approval Process
2.4.2 The European Regulation System: Manufacturers Seeking EU Approval First?
2.5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Needle-Free Systems

3. The Global Needle-Free Injection Devices Market, 2016-2026
3.1 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market, 2016
3.2 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Revenue Forecast, 2016-2026
3.3 What Will Drive The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market Between 2016 and 2026?
3.4 What Factors are Likely to Restrain the Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market Between 2016 and 2026?
3.5 The Global Jet Injector Device Market, 2016
3.5.1 The Global Jet Injector Device Market: Industry Trends, 2016-2026
3.6 The Global Competing Technologies Market, 2016
3.6.1 The Global Competing Technologies Market: Industry Trends, 2016-2026 Transdermal Patches: Attractive and Cheap Option Microneedle Technology: Huge Potential for Mass Vaccinations Metered Dose Inhalers: Change in Device Propellant to Drive Adoption
3.7 Needle-Free Delivery Technology: Market Trends, 2016-2026
3.8 Needle-Free Delivery Technology: Drivers and Restraints, 2016-2026

4. Leading North American Needle-Free Injection Device Manufacturers, 2016
4.1 Antares Pharma
4.1.1 Antares Pharma: Financial Overview
4.1.2 Needle-Free Products ZOMAJET™: Delivering Liquid Insulin or Human Growth Hormone Vibex™: Hidden Needle to Alleviate Patient Fear OTREXUP™: Combining Vibex MTX and Methotrexate Vibex™ MTX: Targeting Growing Population of RA Sufferers T-JET™
4.1.3 Needle-Free Injection Device Pipeline Vibex™ QS (QuickShot): Modified Vibex to Offer Improved Function Pen Injector: Devices Being Used Clinical Testing VIBEX® QS T VIBEX® QS M
4.2 Mylan Inc.
4.2.1 Mylan: Financial Overview
4.2.2 Needle-Free Products EpiPen® Auto-Injector EpiPen Jr® Auto-Injector
4.3 Bioject Medical Technologies
4.3.1 Bioject Medical Technologies: Financial Overview
4.3.2 Needle-Free Products Biojector® 2000: Adaptable Power Source Allows Use in Home and Mass Vaccination Setting Vitajet™: Low-Cost Insulin Delivery System Bioject® ZetaJet™: Auto-Disable Feature Improves User Safety Bioject® Drug Reconstitution System Bioject® Needle-Free Vial Adapter
4.3.3 Needle-Free Injection Device Pipeline Intradermal Pen Injector: Targeted Drug Delivery Iject®: Providing Tailored Depth of Penetration Iject® R: The Reusable Version Jupiter Jet: Multi Dosing With Single Loaded Syringe Mega Jet: The New Design
4.3.4 Collaborations MPI Research: Seeking Drug/Device Combinations World Health Organisation (WHO): The Push to Eradicate Infectious Disease in Developing Countries
4.4 Activa Brand Products, Inc.
4.4.1 Technology: The Activa Family for Diabetics
4.4.2 Needle-Free Products Product Advantages
4.5 D’Antonio Consultants International Inc. (DCI)
4.5.1 Needle-Free Products LectraJet®: Lightweight Device Reduces User Fatigue
4.5.2 Needle-Free Injection Device Pipeline Low Workload Jet Injector: Single-Shot Manuel System Multi-Channel Jet Injector: For Simultaneous Vaccine Delivery
4.6 National Medical Products, Inc.
4.6.1 Needle-Free Products J-Tip®: Offering Needle-Free Administration of Anaesthesia
4.7 Medical International Technologies
4.7.1 Needle-Free Products MED-JET®: Extremely Thin Orifice Offers Improved Drug Absorption
4.7.2 Increased Awareness Through Globalisation
4.8 Penjet Corporation
4.8.1 Needle-Free Products Penjet®: Nitrogen-Powered Device Allows Efficient Storage
4.8.2 Applications Multi-Component Drugs Lyophilised Drug Delivery Small Pox Vaccination
4.9 PharmaJet
4.9.1 Needle-Free Products STRATIS®: Drug Delivery in Less Than a Second
4.9.2 Applications
4.9.3 Collaborations: Pursuing a Drug/Device Combination for Vaccine Administration
4.10 Valeritas
4.10.1 Needle-Free Products Mini-Ject™: Potential Delivery of Lyophilised Drugs May Open Huge Opportunities for Valeritas V-Go®: Click and Go Technology to Simplify Insulin Drug Delivery Micro-Trans™: h-Patch™: Controlled Delivery Patch
4.11 3M (MMM)
4.11.1 Needle-Free Products 3M: Metered Dose Inhaler 3M: Transdermal Patch 3M: Microneedle
4.12 Zogenix
4.12.1 Needle-Free Products
4.12.2 Needle-Free Injection Pipeline
4.13 BD – Becton, Dickinson and Company
4.13.1 Needle-Free Products BD SmartSite Soluvia BD Ultra-Fine Nano Pen Needle AutoShield Duo Pen Needle (BD) BD Accuspray SCF Nasal Spray System
4.14 Portal Instruments
4.14.1 Needle-Free Products Portal’s Needle-Free Jet Injector Partnering

5. Leading European Needle-Free Injection Device Manufacturers, 2016
5.1 Akra Dermojet
5.1.1 Needle-Free Products Dermojet® “HR”: User-Friendly Design Allows Use in High Intensive Applications DERMOJET Polymedical®: Interchangeable Injection Tips Reduces Risk of Contamination Automatic DERMOJET®
5.2 Crossject Medical Technology
5.2.1 Technology: Highly Customisable Device Allows Tailoring to Specific Drugs
5.2.2 Needle-Free Products Zeneo®: Gas Propellant Generated Upon Injection
5.3 Glide Pharma
5.3.1 Needle-Free Products Glide SDI® Applications
5.3.2 Advantages Injecting Solid Formulations Pharmaceutical Companies
5.3.3 Collaboration With Pfenex Inc. to Aid Delivery of Solid Dose Vaccine
5.4 Merck KGaA
5.4.1 Needle-Free Products® and Cool.click2® Click.easy® SeroJet™
5.5 Spirit Healthcare
5.5.1 Spirit Healthcare Needle-Free Products InsuJet™
5.6 AstraZeneca
5.6.1 AstraZeneca’s Needle-Free Product

6. Leading Emerging-Market Needle-Free Device Manufacturers, 2016
6.1 Injex Pharma AG
6.1.1 Needle-Free Products INJEX30®: First Multiple Application Needle-Free Device?
6.2 Romsons Scientific & Surgical Pvt. Ltd.
6.2.1 Needle-Free Products Safesite™ Exteena™ Uno Exteena™ Duo Exteena™ Trio
6.3 Binny’s Health Care Ltd
6.3.1 Needle-Free Products Binny’s Needle-Free IV Injection

7. Leading Needle-Free Injection Companies in the Rest of the World, 2016
7.1 Mika Medical Co.
7.1.1 Needle-Free Products Comfort-in™
7.2 JMS Singapore Pte Ltd
7.2.1 Needle-Free Products Planecta™
7.3 B. Braun Singapore Pte Ltd.
7.3.1 Needle-Free Products CARESITE® Luer Access Device (LAD) SAFELINE® Split Septum Needleless Connector ULTRASITE® Luer Access Device
7.4 NanoPass Technologies
7.4.1 Nanopass Drug Delivery Products Micronjet Needle Anti-Aging Microdermabrasion
7.5 Vaxxas
7.5.1 Needle-Free Products The Nanopatch™

8. Qualitative Analysis of the Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market, 2016-2026
8.1 SWOT Analysis of the Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market, 2016-2026
8.1.1 Strengths A Less Painful Alternative to Needle-Based Injections No Specialist Training Required for Delivery Strong Growth in the Biologic Drug Market Increasing Development in Transdermal Delivery Reduced Transport Costs and Eliminating the Cold Chain Problem
8.1.2 Weaknesses Expensive Technology
8.1.3 Healthcare Practitioners Are Not Familiar with Novel Delivery Systems Inefficient Manufacturing Process
8.1.4 Greater Regulatory Scrutiny Off Patent/Generics Require Reformulating Prior to Use in Needle-Free Delivery Systems
8.1.5 Opportunities Emerging Economies Mass Immunisation Programmes Shift Towards Home Administration Setting Potential Delivery of Vaccines Increasing Global Diabetes Population Extending Life Cycle of Drugs
8.1.6 Threats Traditional Needles and Syringes are Cheap to Mass Produce Limited Clinical Data Increased Scrutiny from Regulatory Bodies Needle and Syringes with Anti Needlestick Injury Technology
8.2 STEP Analysis of the Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market, 2016-2026
8.2.1 Social Factors
8.2.2 Technological Developments
8.2.3 Economic Pressures
8.2.4 Political Issues

9. Research Interview
9.1 Mr David Hoey, CEO, Vaxxas
9.1.1 Vaxxas Overview
9.1.2 Introducing the Nanopatch™
9.1.3 Vaxxas’ Leading Strategy: Competition & Collaboration
9.1.4 Future Directions for Vaxxas and the Industry

10. Conclusions
10.1 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market, 2015-2026
10.2 Antares Pharma Dominates the Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market in 2016
10.3 Strong Pipeline Will Drive the Competing Needle-Free Injection Technology Market
10.4 The Future of the Needle-Free Technology Market?
10.5 Biosimilars are a Major Driver of the Needle Free Drug Delivery Market
10.6 Concluding Remarks

List of Tables
Table 2.1 Examples of Needle-Free Vaccine Delivery Systems, 2016
Table 2.2 Examples of Needle-Free Insulin Delivery Systems, 2016
Table 2.3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Needle-Free Injection, 2016
Table 3.1 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Revenue Forecast ($bn, AGR %, CAGR %) by Technology, 2015-2020
Table 3.2 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Revenue Forecast ($bn, AGR %, CAGR %) by Technology, 2021-2026
Table 3.3 Patent Status of the Seven Top Biologic Drugs, 2015-2029
Table 3.4 Classification of Jet Injector Devices, 2016
Table 3.5 Vaccine Inhalers in Development, 2016
Table 4.1 Antares Pharma: Company Overview, 2016
Table 4.2 Antares Pharma: Revenue ($m), AGR (%), CAGR (%), 2010-2015
Table 4.3 Antares Pharma Needle-Free Products and Licensing Partnerships, 2016
Table 4.4 Antares Pharma Needle-Free Products Pipeline, 2016
Table 4.5 Mylan Inc.: Company Overview, 2016
Table 4.6 Mylan: EpiPen Revenue ($bn), AGR (%), CAGR (%), 2013-2015
Table 4.7 Mylan Inc.: Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 4.8 Bioject Medical Technologies: Company Overview, 2016
Table 4.9 Bioject Medical Technologies: Revenue ($m), AGR (%), CAGR (%), 2013-2015
Table 4.10 Bioject Needle-Free Products Portfolio, 2016
Table 4.11 Bioject Needle-Free Products Pipeline, 2016
Table 4.12 Activa Company Overview, 2016
Table 4.13 Activa Needle-Free Products Portfolio, 2016
Table 4.14 D’Antonio Consultants International Company Overview, 2016
Table 4.15 D’Antonio Consultants Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 4.16 D’Antonio Consultants International Needle-Free Pipeline, 2016
Table 4.17 National Medical Products: Company Overview, 2016
Table 4.18 National Medical Products: Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 4.19 Medical International Technologies: Company Overview, 2016
Table 4.20 Medical International Technologies: Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 4.21 PenJet Corporation: Company Overview, 2016
Table 4.22 PenJet Corporation: Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 4.23 PharmaJet Corporation: Company Overview, 2016
Table 4.24 PharmaJet Corporation: Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 4.25 Valeritas: Company Overview, 2016
Table 4.26 Valeritas: Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 4.27 3M: Company Overview, 2016
Table 4.28 3M: Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 4.29 Zogenix: Company Overview, 2016
Table 4.30 Zogenix: Needle-Free Technology 2016
Table 4.31 Zogenix: Pipeline, 2016
Table 4.32 BD: Company Overview, 2016
Table 4.33 BD: Needle-Free Drug Delivery Product Portfolio, 2016
Table 4.34 Portal Instruments: Company Overview, 2016
Table 4.35 Portal Instruments: Needle-Free Drug Delivery Product Portfolio, 2016
Table 5.1 Akra Dermojet: Company Overview, 2016
Table 5.2 Akra Dermojet: Needle-Free Technology Portfolio, 2016
Table 5.3 Crossject Medical Technology: Company Overview, 2016
Table 5.4 Glide Pharma: Company Overview, 2016
Table 5.5 Glide Pharma: Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 5.6 Merck KGaA: Company Overview, 2016
Table 5.7 Merck KGaA: Needle-Free Injectors, 2016
Table 5.8 Spirit Healthcare: Company Overview, 2016
Table 5.9 Spirit Healthcare: Needle-Free Injector, 2016
Table 5.10 AstraZeneca: Company Overview, 2016
Table 5.11 AstraZeneca: Needle-Free Injectors, 2016
Table 6.1 Injex Pharma: Company Overview, 2016
Table 6.2 Injex Pharma: Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 6.3 Romsons Scientific & Surgical: Company Overview, 2016
Table 6.4 Romsons Scientific & Surgical Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 6.5 Binny’s Health Care: Company Overview, 2016
Table 6.6 Binny’s Health Care: Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 7.1 Mika Medical Co.: Company Overview, 2016
Table 7.2 Mika Medical Co: Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 7.3 JMS Singapore: Company Overview, 2016
Table 7.4 JMS Singapore: Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 7.5 B. Braun Singapore: Company Overview, 2016
Table 7.6 B. Braun Singapore: Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 7.7 NanoPass Technology: Company Overview, 2016
Table 7.8 NanoPass Technology: Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 7.9 Vaxxas: Company Overview, 2016
Table 7.10 Vaxxas: Needle-Free Products, 2016
Table 8.1 SWOT Analysis of the Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market, 2016-2026
Table 8.2 Average Price for Needle-Free Drug/Vaccine Delivery Technology, 2016
Table 8.3 STEP Analysis of the Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market, 2016-2026
Table 10.1 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Revenue Forecast ($bn, AGR %, CAGR %), 2015, 2018, 2020, 2023 and 2026

List of Figures
Figure 1.1 Needle-Free Injection Device Market Segmentation, 2016
Figure 3.1 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Revenue Forecast ($bn), 2015-2026
Figure 3.2 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Drivers, 2016-2026
Figure 3.3 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Restraints, 2016-2026
Figure 4.1 Antares Pharma: Revenue ($m), AGR (%), 2010-2015
Figure 4.2 Mylan: EpiPen Revenue ($bn), AGR (%), 2013-2015
Figure 4.3 Bioject Medical Technologies: Revenue ($m), AGR (%), 2013-2015
Figure 5.1 Crossject Medical Technology: Drugs in Pipeline to Be Exclusively Used With Zeneo, 2016
Figure 8.1 The Transport Process for a Vaccine

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